Who We Are

PegaOne is a global services & solutions company that excels in enabling Businesses to transform and evolve digitally by executing Pega Implementations the right way through proactive collaboration with our customers, straddling the technical spheres as below

BPM Platform based Case Management

We believe in building our success by building our customers success first

Decisioning & Analytics

Our success is built on the strength of our consultants, deep knowledge on Pega PRPC and an enviable track record in Pega implementations

Customer Relationship Management

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customer

Sales & Onboarding

Our USP is in providing Innovative, Insightful, Visionary yet practical Pega advisory services

Legacy Transformations

Specialized & highly qualitative Pega solution services so that our customers get the promised outcome

Business Process Optimization

Leveraging industry experience to consult and influence the client’s direction in the pursuit of best practices

We consult with some of the world’s most sophisticated companies to help them achieve operational excellence and deliver breakthrough customer outcomes. We partner with enterprise software consulting service leaders to design and build components of enterprise applications and help drive product implementations.

Our consultant personnel will help to ensure that the business and technical architecture of the delivered solution match customer requirements. We partner with both the client and business teams to develop high-quality deliverables across all phases of a project (requirements gathering, design and build phases, user acceptance testing, etc.)

Demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm for customer success by ensuring the delivered product is fully-functioning, performs to business requirements defined and approved by the client, and meets or exceeds expectations.

We also provide technical training and user support to technical and business groups and are constantly looking to hire consultants whose are highly technical, hands-on, motivated and collaborative.

Our consultants have exceptional communication skills and proven experience working with a diverse group of technical architects, business users, and IT teams. Additionally, they have a history of consulting with customer organizations on all phases of the software development life-cycle.


At PegaOne, we care about the benefits of everyone and everything around us. We believe in a holistic approach and want to make the world a little better every day. We want to be a role model that inspires others to be on par with us. That is why PegaOne has already launched the concept of "PegaOne goes Green" with the organisation "I Plant a Tree", where we aim to plant a tree in the name of everyone connected to us, say employee, clients, partners.

It's not just about our commitment for a greener environment. It runs much deeper.

A tree reflects the core values we hold at PegaOne. We respire. We grow steadily together with our employees and clients. We are here to last. We increasingly root deeper in our environment. As we thrive we give back more and more to our surrounding world. What starts as a sapling can eventually inspire many.