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We have extensive experience in bringing talents from Non-EU countries, especially from India, to Germany with a 100% success rate.

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PegaOne Group of Companies

PegaOne Group comprises many companies spread over Europe and India, all of them are specialised in software development, headhunting and recruitment, education and visa consulting, insurance, finance and property consulting.

What sets us apart?

PegaOne’s vast networks and presence in the current industrial sector of Germany provides you enormous opportunities to pursue your career.

Your visa application will be verified & processed by our team in Germany.

Germany has one of the strongest economic and welfare systems in the world

Would you like to move to Germany?

Moving to Germany has never been more easy. With our tailor-made services designed to cater to every scenario, we have made it extremely easy for you to decide your future. Please click on one of the below options according to your requirement to better understand the services.

Possible for those working with companies with German clients/branches.

The easiest way for those wanting to move to Germany for work, and the best for those with work experience.
Would you like to apply for jobs from India? Then Click Here.

It’s possible! But definitely not easy. Don’t let lack of visa ruin your career.
Have you already found a job in Germany and would like to apply for visa?Then Click Here.

The easiest way for those wanting to settle in Germany after pursuing higher education. Best option for young professionals and graduates. Would you like to know more about studying in Europe? Then Click Here.

Why PegaOne for Job Seekers and Employees?

We also provide pre-departure training and help you with post-arrival formalities. PegaOne’s Insurance team will assist you, free of cost with different important and compulsory insurances which you need in Germany, for your travel and will support you in case of claims.

Our career experts in Germany will guide you with your job applications, will give you tips on how to find jobs, and our financial consulting department will provide you tips to save money once you reach Germany.

PegaOne Insurance

We measure our success rate not only by visa approval rate, but by the success of finding employment for those who came through us, say job seekers or students.

Why Job Seeker Visa?

Many companies in Germany are reluctant to recruit people directly from India or other Non-EU countries, even if they have multiple openings, as they do not want to take the headache of visa processing. Hence, an applicant who is already in Germany, or at least holding a German visa, is preferred over other candidates who are not.

We are definitely glad to assist you with your queries and explain to you the other advantages of holding a German Job Seeker Visa

Job Seeker Visa application Checklist

  • Valid passport
  • 1 copy of your passport’s data page
  • 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications
  • Cover letter from applicant
  • Proof of academic qualification and work experience
  • Personal CV containing full education and employment history
  • Proof of accomodation in Germany
  • Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your stay
  • Proof of personal status in India and marriage certificate, birth certificate of applicant, wife, children, Aadhar card, ration card (with English translation) if applicable
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Demand Draft or cash for verification of documents unless all documents have been verified before
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Employment visa application check list

  • Valid passport
  • Application form & declarations duly signed
  • Copy of your passport’s data page
  • Annexure for employment visa
  • Employment contract with a company in Germany
  • Deputation order
  • Proof of qualification
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • If applicable – Approval by the Federal Employment Agency
  • 3 passport pictures
  • Demand Draft
  • Certificate about compulsory health insurance
Download Detailed CheckList

For Students

So you would you like to pursue higher education in Germany? That’s a great idea, but you could also get employed and settle there! Did you know that you can study tuition-free at German public universities? You can become a permanent resident in less than 2 years. There are numerous possibilities and aspects to consider.

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