In Germany, it is mandatory to have a health Insurance

Compulsory Health Insurance

We have partnered with Germany's best insurance provider.

If you are coming to Germany for the first time, apply for Techniker Insurance through PegaOne before your visa interview in your home country. Submit the confirmation letter together with other visa application documents, to accelerate the visa processing. No payment is required until you reach Germany.

Techniker Insurance is the only public health insurance company who offers services in English.

Apply for insurance

Please click on the relevant application form and fill in appropriate details.

After completion, please verify the details before submitting in the last section. Kindly reach out to us if you realize there has been any mistakes after submitting.

For 'Spouse & Kids', please download the form and fill in correct details and mail to as a clear scanned copy.


Please fill this form if you are a student planning to come and study or already studying in Germany.


Please fill this form if you are an employee planning to come and work or already working in Germany.

Spouse & Kids

Please fill this form to enroll your spouse and/or kid(s) with Techniker, if they are already in Germany.

Why Techniker Health Insurance is the best in Germany?

The only public health insurance company who offers services in English.

Accelerated visa processing in your home country, if employment or education offer letter is available.

Best health insurance for students
Awarded the best customer service
Get insured immediately on arrival
Free doctor consultation
Free treatment
Free hospitalization
Free health checkups
Sports Check ups
Almost no cost for prescribed medicines
Free dental care and dentistry
Treatments in other European countries
24 hour service
Bonus Programmes
Health classes
Largest health insurance fund in Germany

Techniker has been selected as Germany’s best public health insurance provider for 15th year in a row.

Why PegaOne

PegaOne is preferred partner of Techniker. All applications through PegaOne will be verified by us and will be processed very quickly. For those who are moving to Germany for the first time the social security number will be requested for you, thereby reducing your hassle once you reach. We will keep an eye on the application and will keep you posted about the status. Our services are completely free of cost. You can definitely benefit from PegaOne’s vast experience in bringing professionals and students in the past years to Germany.

All you need to do is to just send the filled application form to

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