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Meet the people who can guide you to your dream!

Been there, done that! Why are we different?
The key people helping you at all stages for taking your study overseas dream to the next level have walked through the same road years ago.

Anish Kandangath

Anish left India after his Bachelors to Scotland for post graduation after which he moved to Germany for developing successful career. He then started his own software development & consulting company in Germany which now spans across continents. Through his business, he discovered the gap between opportunities and skilled resources that led him to start PegaOne Education. PegaOne Education was started as an initiative by PegaOne Group to narrow the gap in the European job markets by providing skilled resources from other countries once they are trained for ever-updating industries.

Kevin Döllinger

Kevin is the partner manager for Germany at PegaOne Education, who is responsible for coordinating the relations between Universities and students. He was always appreciated by them for taking care of their needs and for providing a smooth recruitment process. His rich experience in working with different domains provide a great help for students coming to Germany.

Dr. Joyce Joy

Dr Joyce Joy is one of the key members of Pegaone overseas education consultancy team. She is also working at Government Health Service in the UK as a Clinical Scientist. She was exactly in your shoes 12 years ago. After completing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Kerala, she moved to the UK for her MS in Biomedical Engineering. That was the first flight she ever took in her life. She still recalls every minute of that best decision she took in her life. After her MS, she received a Scottish Universities Physics Alliance scholarship to pursue a fully funded PhD in Biomedical Engineering. After achieving her doctorate, she worked as a research scientist at the University of Dundee for 3 years. Her education journey and experiences are very inspiring, and she is always happy to help you through your best life journey. We can foresee all possible hardships and circumstances you might be facing while in another country away from your own home. How better can it get to hear it all from us and to let us guide you through this wonderful decision of yours.

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