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A student visa is nothing but an endorsement issued for entering and staying in your destination country. The immigration authorities there will scrutinize your application on arrival and decide on the same.

When will we move for the student visa?

At PegaOne we will begin the visa application once you have received a confirmation of your enrolment from any of the universities in the country of your choice. Visa filing procedures vary from country to country and it takes time as well. We make sure you are familiar with the fresh updates that came and the circumstances of your visa.

How do we help you in your visa application?

Preparing & Submission of documents

We help our students in everything including but not limited to visa form filling guidance, submitting documents as per visa requirement of each country, and preparing for visa interviews. Our team of visa experts will ensure that you stay updated about the latest requirements and help you prepare the right documents for your submission.

Scrutiny of documents

In case of rejection of documents, our team will carefully examine the reasons for rejection and help you make necessary changes to the documents you submit. In the case of students who need help in preparing financial statements, we offer a hand as well.

Pre-departure training

We make it easier for our clients to enter the country well educated and prepared in the conditions and environment there. Pre-departure guidance will help you meet service providers who can assist you in giving the students insurance, travel, mobile SIM cards etc. Interactions are arranged with the students who are currently studying at your dream destinations as well.

Our end-to-end integrated international study and career counselling program coupled with transparency makes us the favourite one-stop solution for overseas plans.

“I did not know where to start the process but i was sure that i wanted to do my specialization in electronics. Then i came across PegaOne consultancy. I was skeptical at first because i did not know if it would work well but Anish takes care of everything and it was just a piece of cake for me after I submitted all my documents. I only had to wait for the university to take me in and the rest of it is history. Anish provides great moral support and a good friend i must say.”

Anok Nanaiah Kaliyanda Kalappa - Research and Development Engineer TAPKO Technologies GmbH — MSc. Micro and Nano systems University of Chemnitz, Germany

You can reach our team anytime, speak to them directly and clear all your queries and seek assistance in any stage of application.

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